I am a 7th grade English teacher by day, but I am a cooking and baking savant by night. I share my love of the classroom and the kitchen equally (depending on the day.) I am incredibly dedicated to teaching writing and crafting in the kitchen. I have an obsession with taking pictures of my food and spamming it across all forms of social media.

I have intentions to provide instructions and background for everything I make in the kitchen, as well as everything I eat while I am out. Yes, just because I like to cook doesn’t mean I don’t need a break. Besides, I am a wanderlust and feel inspired to cook the dishes that I ate while traveling.

My blog is divided mainly into two sections: dine in and dine out. Dine in will be my recipes for when you want to cook at home, and dine out will be my restaurant reviews by region so you know where to grab a bite all over the country. I travel a lot with my awesome husband; he’s another hybrid career man who is a software engineer and fisherman. How cool is that?

I love food blogging because it combines my love of cooking and writing in one! Unfortunately, my old blog’s host shut down unexpectedly, but I have a few posts that remain on my friend’s blog, Bottlesoup. Check her out if you hate the monotony of mommy blogs. She rocks.

I am not writing this blog to make $450,000 a year, but I’ll take a few Pinterest followers and smiles in the process. I won’t become a highly sponsored walking advertisement for the sake of a quick buck. I promise to commit to honest recipes that I actually tried before you had to suffer and fail. I will not promote a restaurant as worth your while if it really isn’t.

My philosophy is that food can be appreciated by all, and with a little practice, almost everyone can cook, and I hope I can help motivate you to join in on the fun!

Thank you for joining me, and I can’t want to share my adventures with you!

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